Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

February 27, 2017
Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Cold pressed coconut oil is one of the many different kinds of coconut oil available, such as organic, virgin, unrefined, and so on. “Cold pressing” is one of the methods used to actually extract the oil from the coconut and, as you may have guessed, is the method used to produce cold pressed coconut oil.

The method used to extract coconut oil can be one of the biggest determining factors when it comes to the quality of the coconut oil itself. There are two extract methods used that are the most popular:
  • by cold pressing coconut kernels
  • by boiling coconut milk 

What Makes Cold Pressed Coconut Oil So Special?

It’s pretty well known that boiling foods is one of the best ways to destroy vital vitamins and nutrients that they contain, which is why cold pressing is the more preferred method of coconut oil extraction. The specific method of cold pressing used, again, determines the price, quality, and scent of the coconut oil extracted.

Cold Pressed Coconut OilDon’t be fooled by this fancy terminology, though – just because coconut oil is cold pressed doesn’t mean it’s more expensive! In fact, this more nutrient-rich version of coconut oil is actually right around the same price point as your typical coconut oil.

What it really comes down to is personal preference – some people enjoy the scent and texture of cold pressed, others like regular, others like unrefined. All you can really do is try them all and figure out what you like the best!

Explore The Various Facts And Figures About Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

The cold press technique is by and large acknowledged to handle higher quality items than the other strategies for extraction, which utilize a high temperature source to boil fresh coconut milk from small coconuts.

This is on account of the fact that high temperature in the second case breaks down a percentage of the ingredients in the material, bringing about a less fragrant and tasty cold pressed coconut oil, and with fewer cell reinforcing elements.

Cold pressed oil is a kind of item produced through the same way. The ensuing coconut oil is not further refined or handled, to help in holding a great part of the common flavor and fragrance of the characteristic item. The natural item is by and large generated in this way too, just with stricter controls in the matter of how the coconuts are developed.

How cold pressed coconut oil produced?

Cold pressed coconut oil is produced from copra, which is the dried flesh of developed coconuts. To get the copra, full-grown coconuts are reaped by hand 4 times each year and afterward torn open with a hatchet or spike.

The flesh on the inner part is scooped out and after that dried. The drying is regularly done basically by laying the copra out in the sun. There are more praiseworthy drying routines, for example, sun based dryers, however they are not in abundant usage in numerous coconut processing areas.

Once the copra has been sufficiently dried, it is taken to the presses, where weight is applied to handle and process this material. Cold pressed coconut oil alludes to the items generated in this way.

However there are diverse sorts of presses that could be utilized. Mechanical presses can heat up the coconut oil more than manual presses, thus the ensuing coconut oil is sometimes poor in quality. Manual presses are all the more excessive in terms of use. Along these lines the ensuing coconut oil is more unmanageable.

Some proven research on cold pressed coconut oil

Research has showcased the novel capability cold presses coconut oil to totally destroy infections by dissolving the membrane that secures them. Once uncovered, numerous infections are no match for the body’s immunity system. Without its defensive lipid layer, the connection between the infection and the host cell it attacked is broken, making it extremely troublesome to re-infect or develop again. And this is the exact impact that the oil appears to have on infections and other pathogenic agents.

Taking into account these discoveries, expeller pressed coconut oil and lauric acid have ended up progressively popular with HIV and AIDS patients, as they have been demonstrated to definitely diminish viral loads and avoid a large portion of the illnesses connected with debilitated immunity systems.

Accordingly, doctors now normally utilize coconut oil when treating patients with dangerous diseases.

The uplifting news doesn’t stop there. MCT ‘s, particularly those in organic cold pressed coconut oil, are not extracted in the way that other immersed fats are. Rather, they are promptly metabolized by the liver and utilized as a quick source of energy.

There are a few individuals who have had the capacity to kick their caffeine addictions, and accept that one week of supplementation can persuade any individual to accept the benefits of coconut oil. Truth be told, numerous doctors now prescribe the coconut oil cold pressed variant to patients who fight and struggle with every day episodes of ceaseless weakness.

Furthermore, coconut oil is a standout among the most digestion friendly ingredients on earth. It has solid antiviral, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that help in keeping a check on the microorganisms in the body and help in proper metabolism. In light of the fact that it is metabolized quickly by the liver and sent to the circulation system, less strain is put on the digestive procedure.

Benefits of cold pressed coconut oil

Cold Pressed Coconut OilCold pressed coconut oil is one of the best conditioners for hair. The fitness benefits of oil incorporate hair care, healthy skin, and stress removal, keeping up cholesterol levels, weight reduction, expanded safety, fitting assimilation and digestion system, hypertension and bone quality.

These benefits of coconut oil might be credited to the capability of lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid, which have certain properties, such as, antimicrobial, cancer prevention agent, antifungal and antibacterial. It is viewed as one of the healthiest oils with both benefits for inside and outside utilization.

These oils are used in cooking and also in applying on skin and hair. Many doctors prescribe to apply certain medicines for skin that contain coconut oil. You can also use coconut oil with camphor to remove dandruff from your hair. So, there are many ways how cold pressed coconut oil can be useful and beneficial.

What Does It Really Mean?

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is commonly available in the market today. The quality is higher than Hot-Pressed coconut oil which uses dried coconut meat (copra) to extract the oil.

What does "Cold-Pressed" mean?

Well, people said that the word "Cold-Pressed" is borrowed from the olive oil industry where the oil is made by fresh olive, no high-heat and no chemical additives are used. The final result is Virgin Olive Oil.

Likewise, in regard of coconut oil, the term "Cold-Pressed" describes the method used to extract the oil from fresh coconut.

The method applies little to no heat, and no chemical solvents are added.

The final result is usually Virgin Coconut Oil, the most recommended type that's best for your health.

A lot of people are misled by this term. They understand that "Cold Pressed" is the way to extract coconut oil only by pressing method.

In fact, it is not necessary to extract the oil only by PRESSING. Cold-Pressed can also cover other means of extraction such as fermentation, centrifugation and distillation.

As for fresh coconut meat, it should be a ripe coconut where its husk is peeled off. And the coconut shell is then chopped in half so we can scoop fresh coconut meat out of the shell. Fresh coconut meat is grated or chopped into small pieces.

We use grated coconut as an initial material for Cold-Pressed coconut oil extraction.

There are two main types of Cold-Pressed method:

1. Dry Process

Grated coconut will be dried for a moment in order to reduce the moisture down to less than 2%.
And then dried, fresh coconut meat will be taken into pressing machine to press the oil out. And the final product becomes Virgin Coconut Oil. Most of the times we call this process "Expeller Pressed".

2. Wet Process

As for wet process, we use coconut milk as the initial material. The concept is to separate the oil from emulsion (protein and water) presented in coconut milk.

To extract Cold Pressed coconut oil, coconut milk is sent to the different extracting methods such as fermentation, centrifugation and distillation. And we will eventually get Virgin Coconut Oil as the final product.

If you are looking for good quality of coconut oil, just take a look at the word "Cold-Pressed" on the product label.

"Cold-Pressed" ensures a high amount of healthy nutrients in coconut oil. Why?

Because no High-Heat is used during the process, you get higher nutrients than the refined coconut oil or the RBD type of coconut oil.

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