Am I Too Fat?

January 13, 2017
Am I Too Fat
"Am I too fat?"

"How do I know I am REALLY fat?", you ask.

If you worry about your weight and the look of your body, or you just notice you look fat than the previous, then you need to check yourself out immediately.

This will let you know the level of your weight so that you can do something to keep yourself healthy and stay in a perfect shape you desire.

There's a way to measure whether you are really fat or not. It gives you a fairly accurate result than any other methods. We call it ' Body Mass Index or BMI'.

What is BMI?

BMI is a result of an estimation of a body weight based on a person's height. It is a relation between weight and height. If the result falls in a normal range then the person has a normal weight compared to his/her height. Let's say he/she is neither overweight nor too thin.

Are you still asking "am I too fat"?

Let's take a look at the level of BMI values in a range. Each range of BMI represents different weight levels, which tell you how your weight level is.

BMI Weight Level
Less than or Equal 18.5
18.5 - 24.9
25.0 - 29.9
Equal or Greater than 30.0
Underweight (too thin)
Normal weight
Overweight (too fat)

Well... your answer to the question "Am I too fat?" is now coming.
Below, here's the table for you to calculate the BMI value and see what you need to do to get healthier.

Simply put your weight and height and click 'Calculate' button. Your personal BMI will appear together with the Comment telling you what you should do according to your BMI value.

check it out BMI Calculator

It is recommended to check your personal BMI whenever you have the question "Am I too fat?".
This will help you ensure that your weight is always in a normal range. You may want to do something to keep your weight normal in case you're either overweight or underweight.

If you find yourself overweight and you want to lose weight as soon as possible, coconut oil is the natural way for you to lose weight effectively. It's very simple to shred the unwanted fat and burn it out.

For more information about BMI click here 

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