Best Cooking Oil - How to Choose Good Quality Cooking Oil?

January 14, 2017
Best Cooking Oil

How to Choose Good Quality Cooking Oil?

How do you identify the best cooking oil out of others? Good question!

Good cooking oil usually gives you the healthy benefits of its fatty acid nutrient presented in the oil.

Many of us, including you, may be wondering of which cooking oil is best for the diet.

Sometimes, you may ask yourself the question when you are going to buy the cooking oil, and looking for the one that worth paying.

Well, as far as I know, there is an easy way to justify them. Here are what you need to check it out when you are looking for it.

The following is the properties of good cooking oil:
  1. No Trans Fats
  2. Minimum cholesterol
  3. Long shelf life
  4. High antioxidant
  5. Good health benefits from inside out
You might think that's pretty basic rule as any other cooking oils in the market have all of them. If you do, think twice...

Let's take a look closer to what inside really is...

1. No Trans Fats

Would you believe that the oil in the diet you take everyday may likely have Trans Fat content?
"I know it's harmful to the body. But what's Trans Fat, actually?," you ask.

Trans Fats generate when the hydrogen adds into the oil. It's called Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated processs.

The natural fatty acid structure is altered, to the type of artificial one.

To produce such a hard or solid fatty ingredient of food, manufacturers will take a vegetable oil, and add hydrogen atoms into it. Finally, the oil becomes sort of hard and solid oil.
This is how Trans Fats is formed. The purpose is to make the oil touchable and keep it from going rancid. Sadly, the artificial oil causes a lot of health problems as it clogs the body system up.

If the cooking oil is unsaturated, chances are that it will be hydrogenated very easily, generating Trans Fat.

A lot of people think the oil they use is the best cooking oil. But...

Unfortunately, 95% or 100% of the vegetable oils that we use to cook, and the diets we take everyday are composed of unsaturated fatty acids.

No surprised that today a lot of people are suffering from many health problems like heart disease, diabetes , cancer, and so forth.

Common vegetable oils we use today are that soybean oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, olive oil, etc. Those are unsaturated, and likely transform to Trans Fats. 

However, coconut oil is mainly saturated.

"Saturated fat? Uh... Is it a healthy cooking oil ?," you ask.
Good question.

Well, this has actually made a lot of confusion because people think saturated fat must be unhealthy.

In fact, there are many types of saturated fat.

What is present in coconut oil is totally different from the type that we get from meats or lard or other vegetable oils.

Coconut oil is highly saturated. It is healthier than other vegetable oils.

So it is possible that coconut oil is very heat stable, and it is hard to get into Trans Fats.

What's the best cooking oil? Well... Perhaps, coconut oil.

How do you know if it is hydrogenated?

When you go shopping, simply take a look at the label on the bottle. And keep looking at the word where it's written 'hydrogenated' or ' partially hydrogenated'. If you find it, just avoid it because hydrogenated oils are unhealthy.

2. Very Little or No Cholesterol

Studies show that coconut oil has the cholesterol amount of only 14 ppm (Part Per Million). It could be said that coconut oil is the world dietary oil that has minimum cholesterol. Some people count it as the "zero cholesterol" oil.

Take a look at the table below, and see for yourself...

3. Long Shelf Life

Of course, the best cooking oil should be very long shelf life.

As you know, coconut oil is much saturated in natural. This makes it more stable than other vegetable oils. Why?

This is because most vegetable oils are unsaturated. They are prone to be oxidized by oxygen atoms in the air. And it goes rancid very easily.

Basically, coconut oil has a very long shelf life. A good quality of virgin coconut oil can have a shelf life of two or three years.

What's next on the best cooking oil?

4. High Antioxidant

Again, saturated fat is good preventive to oxidation, causing free radical. It causes a damage to cell membrane and tissue, leading to aging and health problems like cancer, for example.

Not only is coconut oil very saturated, it also has the powerful antioxidants as the following...
  • Tocopherol : An ordinary vitamin E which is soluble in fat.

  • Tocotrienol : It has 40 to 60 times much antioxidant capacity as ordinary vitamin E.

  • Phenol : The antioxidant boost in addition to vitamin E.

5. Health Benefits from Inside Out

The best cooking oil should have a wide range of health benefits. Coconut oil is one of the most healthful sources of dietary oil you can possibly find on earth.

Coconut oil is excellent in...
  • Heart healthy oil
  • Infection protector
  • Dietary oil for diabetic
  • Immune system boost
  • Metabolism boost
  • Thyroid improvement
  • Energy boost
  • Liver cleanse diet
  • Natural Detox
  • Liver cleanse diet
  • Kidney restoration
  • Fat burner food
  • Skin nourishing
  • Hair nourishing

That's all for what the best cooking oil should be. Now you have the guideline how to tell if it is a healthy oil for cooking.

I would highly recommend choosing coconut oil as your own cooking oil. This is because it has wonderful health benefits, and is vastly superior to most vegetable oils.

Try it today and you will see the positive result.

Learn more about coconut oil cooking tips . The Top Ten tips that help you find a lot more ways to eat healthy coconut oil. Anyone can be healthier with coconut oil!

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