Coconut Oil Weight Loss

March 16, 2017
Coconut Oil Weight Loss

The Miracle "FAT-BURNING Oil"

Coconut Oil Weight Loss is the natural way to lose weight without the use of medical drugs.

If your answer to the question " Am I too fat? " is YES, and you want to lose weight now, congratulations!

You've come to the right place where you'll learn how coconut oil can help you out more efficiently and naturally.

Goodbye to Love Handles

Let me share my experience for a moment...

I started finding out the way to lose weight when my stomach began getting bigger and my weight went up for 7 pounds in one month.

Oh! How could it be?

One day, I came across a healthcare channel on a television. They were talking about Coconut Oil Weight Loss. made me surprised at how incredible benefits of this tropical oil are.

I thought if it works for other people, it should work for me as well. So I decided to try it out.

After I used it for daily eating (and body massage once a week), believe it or not, I did lose my weight down for three pounds in one week, and over nine pounds just in one month.
My love handles started shrinking and my stomach began getting flat.

So I continue to lose weight with coconut oil everyday. I've found myself having no weight gain since I took coconut oil. What I like the most is that I can still enjoy my favorite food without any weight gain ;-)

The Lowest Calorie Oil

In this "Coconut Oil Weight Loss" topic, you'll learn how coconut oil can help you lose weight despite Saturated fats. 

Coconut oil can reduce the leftover fat in your body. This is because coconut oil gives the lowest calories to the body, whereas the other vegetable oils don't.  

So you will no longer have weight gain if you take coconut oil regularly. Simply put coconut oil in your diet, and you can enjoy the same favorite food with the lowest calorie possible. 

Here's the interesting story about the farmers... 

During the post Second World War, coconut oil price was downright cheap. This is because American Soybean Association (ASA) blamed coconut oil as an unhealthy oil, causing high cholesterol and heart disease. 

Yes, people did avoid it. This made the coconut oil price very cheap. However, the farmers could afford it. They wanted to fatten the livestock with coconut oil. 

After raising the animal with coconut oil, they found out that the animals became skinny instead of fleshy.

- Peat 1996

You see that the 'Coconut Oil Weight Loss' approach still even works on the animal. It sounds good.

Here's How It Works! need a little technical detail to understand why 'Coconut Oil Weight Loss' is the excellent choice to many people who want to lose weight naturally.

Let's get started...

Over 95% of typical vegetable oils we eat everyday contain very much of long-chained fatty acids (LCFAs). They all are Unsaturated fats.

Coconut oil is predominantly composed of medium-chained fatty acids (MCFAs). This is totally different from the fats that many typical vegetable oils have.

Fatty Oils

Most vegetable oils like soybean oil, sunflower oil, canola oil goes through your stomach and pass along to your intestinal tract where the primary digestion starts.

To begin the digestion, it needs pancreatic digestive enzymes and bile to break it down into free fatty acids. And then, free fatty acids are able to absorb into the intestinal wall, and convert into the small bundles of fat and lipoproteins.

These lipoproteins will circulate through the bloodstream, releasing particles of fat that collects in our fat cells.

'Digestive Friendly' Oil

The medium-chained fatty acids in coconut oil can be digested very easily. The digestive process is much different from the long-chained. This is the fact to support the truth about 'Coconut Oil Weight Loss' topic.

What makes it different is that the medium-chained fatty acids do NOT need pancreatic enzymes to digest. They also do NOT need bile to break them down when they go through the intestine tract.

MCFAs can be broken down into free fatty acids by itself. The free fatty acids can then absorb instantly into the portal vein and go directly to the liver.

This is an excellent source of energy for the liver. So the liver burns them for energy instantly.

Metabolism Boost

You can see that the MCFAs bypass the lipoprotein step that occurs in the intestinal wall. It means that there're no particles of fat circulating through the bloodstream.

What they do is produce energy for you, not collect the fat in body's cell. Fat burning in coconut oil is much different from the one in vegetable oil containing lots of unsaturated fats.

Moreover, the MCFAs stimulate your metabolism for more than 24 hours after finishing each meal. With higher metabolism, you can gain more energy during the day.

From above, you can see that the 'Coconut Oil Weight Loss' approach REALLY does work!


A slow metabolism is the result from the sluggish thyroid gland. This is because the thyroid gland doesn't produce enough hormone to control metabolism in the body.

So you have a lower metabolism, causing low body energy. You feel tired very easily. Sometimes you gain weight for no reason.

"How does the 'Coconut Oil Weight Loss' help the hypothyroidism?" you ask.
What the coconut oil thyroid treatment works is that it just kicks starting the thyroid gland to function faster. So you have a higher metabolism.

The medium-chained fatty acids in coconut oil will stimulate the metabolism in your body. This will raise the body temperature by one or two degree Celsius, or even more, depending on the amount of coconut oil you take.

Of course, with the metabolism boost, you can also lose some extra weight caused by hypothyroidism.

Lose 36 Pounds in One Year!

Coconut oil helps you reduce food craving. You will feel full longer if you take a meal with coconut oil. Therefore, you will eat lesser on the next meal, because you don't hungry so much.

And this will make you lose weight easily.

Studies have proven the result from eating the food cooked with the MCFAs oil. It really helps you lose 36 pounds a year without changing your eating habit at all.

- St-Onge and Jones (2002)

All you need to do is simply eat coconut oil everyday. Yes, you can even eat it with your favorite food during the day.

If you keep on doing this, I believe you can REALLY lose weight in certain period of time.
Imagine... How would you feel if you have a slimming body shape while you're enjoying your favorite foods as usual?

With coconut oil, anyone can lose weight without suffering from food craving or eating tasteless Low-Fat diet Foods that costs you even more.

The 'Coconut Oil Weight Loss' approach might be the wise choice for you to lose weight naturally without side effects. Try it today and you'll be glad you did!

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