Healthy Cooking Oil

January 14, 2017
Healthy Cooking Oil

Learn Why Coconut Oil is Best for
Cooking Oil of All Time.

Is coconut oil a healthy cooking oil?

Is that really true?

How about those vegetable oils like soybean oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, olive oil and so forth?

Let's find out...

Turning-Point Ads.

When I was a teenage boy, many health experts began to warn people about the bad health effect of saturated oils.

I remember the first ad focusing on a change to be white solid fat under cool temperature.

The health guru compared a refined vegetable oil to another type of saturated oil.

The result was there's no change in the refined vegetable oil. However, another one has already turned into white solid fat. Yes, it was a type of saturated fat.

The ad was telling us about health effect from cholesterol as part of white solid fat.

No matter what I was a fool or innocent, I believed in the advice of health experts.

I suggested my mom to use vegetable oil as it is a breakthrough of healthy cooking oil. And she did.

We had been cooking with lard and coconut oil for several decades.

Now we replaced them with a processed vegetable oil.

Ten years later, my mom and I have a "never-before" high blood pressure.

Even worst, my mom was getting trouble in chronic kidney disease.

Luckily, I found the natural healing method that works.

We had taken it all for a couple months. And my mom's kidney was getting better. Her blood pressure was back to normal. The doctor reduced her medications, to some extent.

It's been about one year I'd stopped eating deep-fried food with processed vegetable oil. And my blood pressure was certainly down to normal (150-200 mg/dl.)

I tried to come up with what actually causes health problems to us.

It is possible that the major cause of all problems could be the diet with refined vegetable oil.

Is It Any Good for Vegetable Oil?

The hydrogenated vegetable oil makes the fried food crispy and tasty. It can be cooked repeatedly for several times without going rancid.

Wow, it sounds great!

Yeah... But what makes it like that is because the oil is saturated due to artificial process. The process alters its original fatty acid structure.

Many people don't know about the fact. They always stick to vegetable oil as their healthy cooking oil.

When taken the oil into the body, it will become more sticky. It's known as Polar Compound.

Polar compound, when heated, will become sticky and adhere to the intestine wall. It results in less absorption of water soluble nutrients. For example; Amino acid, Vitamin B and C, and other minerals.

It also clogs the blood flow, causing many serious health problems in the long run. For example; heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and so forth.

This is a hidden cause of many chronic diseases. Unfortunately, it's hard to distinguish because it gradually occurs with slow step.

It's sometimes called Silent Killer.

"Is vegetable oil worth using as the healthy cooking oil, then?," you ask.
Maybe or maybe not.

Let's keep reading...

An Easy Proof You Can Do.

Coconut oil is, however, much saturated in natural. No need to modify its fatty acid structure.

So coconut oil is very heat stable, and is water soluble. It never forms sticky plaque inside the intestine and kidney unit.

You may not believe it. Well, let's proof it...

Simply take any brand of vegetable oil and pour it into the bowl. Leave it exposed to sunlight where the heat level is as close as human's body temperature. Just leave it a day or two, and see how sticky it is.

Take coconut oil and lard with the same practice.

You will see vegetable oil become more sticky than lard and coconut oil.

Many housewives have told me about dishwashing...

It is much easier to remove lard, coconut oil, and coconut milk than vegetable oil left on the dishes.
Thai people have been cooking with coconut milk and coconut oil for over 800 years. At that time, there was no trace of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

Everyone was healthy until the day the unsaturated oil comes in.

Soybean oil, canola oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, etc., have replaced all traditional diets for over 40 years. They claim to be the real deal of healthy cooking oil.

In fact, the coconut oil is far more superior to other vegetable oils in any way.

Here are the benefits of coconut oil :

  1. It is much saturated. So oxygen and hydrogen atoms are unable to insert its fatty acid structure. No Trans Fat, and free radical generated. So to speak, coconut oil is actually a heart-healthy oil.

  2. Coconut oil is mainly composed of medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs). The molecules move quickly and freely, from stomach to intestine. And then it is digested by itself, and goes directly to the liver. The liver quickly converts all fats into energy.

    So there're no longer the extra fats left and collected to body's cell.

  3. It helps boost the immune system due to lauric acid. It is the same type found in mother's breast milk. It helps develop the immune system to the first six-month newborn.

  4. The vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidants in a nature source. It fights against free radicals, causing cell's damage that leads to aging and cancer.

The Liar

We have blindly been misled for over 30 years falling into the use of unsaturated oil. We are drawn to the liar faking a new breakthrough of healthy cooking oil.

Greedy association reaping huge profits has damaged the whole coconut oil industry. So does the income of agriculture.

We spend a lot more to import vegetable oils from overseas.

And we also have invested for more medications to treat health problems caused by taking unsaturated oil.

Now it's time to open your eyes wider, and see the truth about coconut oil.

Coconut oil is excellent for healthy cooking oil. I would recommend you try it for the healthier life.
Learn more about coconut oil cooking tips . The Top Ten tips that help you find a lot more ways to eat healthy coconut oil. Anyone can be healthier with coconut oil!

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