Oil Pulling

January 29, 2017
Oil Pulling

Natural and Simple Detox for a Better Health

Oil pulling is one of the most effective methods to detoxify numerous bacteria and other toxins out of the body.

It is very simple. Everybody with above age of five can do it easily.

You may have heard of it from the media and other places where people are talking about.

So "what is oil pulling?," you ask.

Traditional Oil Therapy

Well, oil therapy has been described in the ancient texts of Ayurveda for over four thousand years.

However, it seems to be a new alternative therapy when Dr.med. F. Karach introduced the benefits of oil pulling at a conference of the Academy of Sciences of UDSSR, in 1992.

He said he had been suffering from chronic blood disease for 15 years. With the oil therapy, he could be successfully cured and no longer lean on harsh treatment anymore.

Moreover, it gave him a three-day healing result on his acute arthritis, which even made him bedridden.

The introduction brought surprises and doubts to everybody. However, they can see their own healing result by practicing. So they prove what Dr. Karach said is right.

Oil pulling is about rinsing and cleansing your mouth with the vegetable oil.

By doing this way you can heal and prevent the whole organism all together. The process only applies the vegetable oil. So it is the biological healing method you can do by yourself. It has no harmful side effects at all.

How Does it Work?

Here's the truth...

Oil treatment is one of the simplest, yet the most efficient healing methods among those natural remedies.

If you feel like merely swishing and rinsing the oil in your mouth does not help heal any diseases, you are right. Why?

Because oil pulling actually does not heal any of health problems. What it does is it removes bacteria and other toxins, causing other illnesses and infection out of the body. So the body is regaining to the normal health state.

Oil therapy is totally a biological healing method. The harmful bacteria living in the oral cavity have the lipid shield. This is common as our skin cells also have the lipid covered.

If we put the oil into the water, they will separate into the layers -- oil and water. Now, if we put the oil into another different oil, both will combine as one liquid.

Likewise, when you put the oil into your mouth, the mucous membrane in the oral cavity and lipid-shield bacteria will be drawn into the oil.

As you slowly move the oil throughout the oral cavity, the bacteria living in the groove between gum and tooth, or in the teeth-gap will be pulled and get trapped into the oil.

The longer oil pulling, the more they were removed.

When 20 minutes passed, the oil mixture is full of countless bacteria, virus and other toxins. So you should spit it out rather than swallow the oil into the body.

The food debris which is the feed of bacteria will also be drawn out. However, the water-based debris will be pulled by saliva. Saliva also helps reduce the acidic level caused by bacteria.

Since many harmful bacteria, including other toxins have been pulled out, it is a good chance for the body to restore the inflamed tissue, and regain to the normal health state.

Which Oil is the Best for Oil Pulling?

The Ayurvedic medicine recommends sunflower oil and sesame seed oil for oil pulling. This is because these oils were commonly available in India at that time. However, any vegetable oil will work, said Dr. Fife.

Personally I do oil pulling with coconut oil. I prefer its clear color, and most importantly the health benefits it offers. Coconut oil actually gives you many more health benefits than other vegetable oils, including sunflower oil and sesame oil.

When you put coconut oil in your mouth, the enzymes in saliva digest Lauric acid in coconut oil. And then it will be broken down into monoglyceride (known as Monolaurin) which turns out to be the antibacterial agent.

I also love the pleasant gentle coconut-like taste. So I stick with virgin coconut oil as I can feel the pleasant taste and smell. I had tried olive oil and sesame oil. I think both oils give stronger taste and odor when rinsing in my mouth.

Here's What I do...

I simply follow oil pulling instructions. What I do is start an oral oil swishing every morning before breakfast. That's the best time to do with an empty stomach.
After that, I rinse my mouth with the water several times before brushing the teeth, and drinking 2 to 3 glasses of water.

I feel my gum and teeth cleaner, stronger and healthier. I no longer have bad breath at all. Now what I only get are a brighter smile and better health.

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