Top 10 Obesity Effects - Are You One of Them?

January 13, 2017
Top 10 Obesity Effects
Are you finding out the obesity effects that would probably occur to you as you're obese?


There' re many, especially the long-term effects. Let's find out now.

Top 10 Most Common Obesity Effects

1. Dyslipidemia

The obese people tend to have more chances of high total cholesterol or high levels of triglycerides (called Dyslipidemia) than healthy people. This will result in other physical effects like cardiovascular disease and stroke.

2. Hypertension

Another obesity effect is being high blood pressure or hypertention. The obese person is more likely to have higher level of blood pressure twice than the normal one. It will probably lead to brain hemorrhage, stroke or even death, in case of severe level.

3. Coronary Heart Disease

Obese people are likely to get risk of coronary heart disease. More than 70% of people who have heart disease are obese. The death rate increases by weight, which directly reflects to the risk factor of heart disease.

4. Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is one of the common obesity effects that is more likely occur to the obese people than the people with normal weight.

If you're obese, you'll have difficulty reducing the level of blood sugar, chances are high level of blood sugar. Your blood becomes more sticky because of high blood sugar. In the long run, it can destroy the cell at the arterial wall.

An accumulation of excessive fats on the arterial wall creates atheromatous plaque that will block a flow of blood. If ignored for a long period, the blood no longer flows naturally, resulting in a lack of blood feeding to the heart, or eventually becoming paralysis.

5. Osteoarthritis

One of the obesity effects is osteoarthritis due to an excessive weight range. Some are unable even to stand or walk because their knees and ankles can't bear such too heavy body weight. Plus, they are more likely to get risk of gout than the normal ones.

6. Sleep Apnea and Respiratory Problems

If you're obese and you also love sedentary lifestyle, then you'll have chances that your lung is not fully expandable. And you may get respiratory tract infection more easily.
That's why most obese people snore or even stop breathing for a while during sleeping. This can make carbon dioxide (CO2) congested in the blood, causing them tired easily and feel sleepy all the time.

7. Some Cancers

This is kinda dreadful one among obesity effects. If you're obese, you'll need to be aware of having cancers such as Uterine cancer , Endometrial cancer , Ovarian cancer , Colon cancer , etc.

8. Gallbladder Disease

Not only the obese people are more likely to get risk of gallstones in the gallbladder, but they also have more excessive fats in the liver than the normal ones. So if you're obese, watch out yourself and find the way to lose weight immediately.

9. Low Self Esteem

Obesity affects your personality and beauty. You lose self esteem and become socially unacceptable. Your friends laugh at you because you look funny. Right?
Due to the heavy body, you often feel clumsy whenever doing any activity or exercise. This could make you not enough merry as much as it should be. Sometimes, especially in women, they are suffering from depression as well.

If they are very moody, they tend to find the way to get them better, such as eating their favorite food (i.e. ice cream and chocolate). Of course, it helps them get better. However, it also makes them fat even more in the same time.

10. Lower Sexual Ability

This is one of the obesity effects that impact to both men (Erectile Dysfunction or ED) and women, especially during an old age where the sex hormones decrease. However, if you're obese, you'll be more likely to have the lower sexual ability no matter how old you are.

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