Why Am I Fat? - The Most Common Question For Weight Loss

January 13, 2017
Why Am I Fat

Discover The Little Known Fact
That Secretly Makes You Fat!

"Why am I fat?" is the today most common question for people who just find they are already fat.

If you are one of them wanting to know why you are fat, then please stay right here and keep reading along this page. In minutes, you will soon know the secret about it.

It is easy to lose weight if you know what actually makes you fat.

Top 3 Reasons to "Why Am I Fat?"

Here are the most common reasons that actually make you fat:

1. Over-Eating

You eat too much because it's good, right? 

Well, the food will be digested and metabolized in the system.

This is the way how you get energy. Sometimes it is too much for the body to utilize.

So the body will reserve the rest of energy by collecting them as a fat in every part of organ.

The important point is that your body should be utilizing energy in the optimum level. This is to avoid too much fat deposition in the body.

How do you do that when you eat too much?

Of course, lack of exercise causes you fatter even more.

Here's the answer to the question "why am I fat?".

How to get around it?

Well...Simply eat enough to fit the need of energy.

1. Eat Right -- eat as much as you want at breakfast. Eat enough at lunch. Eat less at dinner or supper (avoid too much carbs, LCT fats, sweetened fruit and dessert).
2. Exercise -- at least 30 minutes each time, 3 times a week, or more.
3. Sleep Well -- at least 6-8 hours at night.

2. Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is one of the reasons why many old men become fat.

The hypothyroid condition will slow your metabolism, causing an increase of LDL, a bad cholesterol, in your body.

They may keep asking "Why am I fat?" as they do not know the effect of hypothyroidism.

Study found that coconut oil can convert LDL to Pregnenolone, Progesterol and Dehydroepiandrosterol - DHEA.

These steroid hormones help retain metabolism to the normal rate. So the food can be completely burned, and converted into energy. No more fats left in the body. (Lee, 2005) 

3. Eat Too Little Fat

"What? Eating not enough fat can make me fat?"

Yes, you read it right.

You are overweight because you eat low fat.
You may think it's crazy. It's not true.

You don't think so because you believe that the FAT definitely makes you overweight.
Let me ask you a question...

Have you tried to lose weight by taking low fat diet for long time?

But it seems that you didn't see the difference, and you are still overweight, right?

Actually, if you had been successful, then you would not have tried for several times. Right?

Hmm ... You are not alone.

Today many people keep asking "Why am I fat?". They are struggling to find many different ways to lose weight.

Studies indicated that the effort to lose weight by eating the low fat diet is considered as a 97% failure.

Nutritionists are trying to accuse the fat as it is a cause of overweight. Many people believe the say and try to eat it less.

Today the low-fat and fat-free diets are available everywhere because of the 'modern' healthcare fad.
Over the past 30 years, we eat 11% lower fat and reduce total calorie intake by 4%. However, we turn out to be fatter than previous.

And we still keep asking "Why am I fat?".

Here's the real fact:

A research indicates that the person who consumes enough fat will eat fewer amounts of food than another person trying to eat the low fat diet.

Eating the food with sufficient amount of fat is the important basic to lose weight efficiently.

One psychological reason shows that if we feel hungry after each meal, in the next meal, we will eat more.

And that's why we are fat, and still keep asking "Why am I fat?".

Here's the benefit of the fat...
The fat actually makes you feel fuller. So you will eat less in the next meal. And you can have fewer total calories per day.

Actually, the fat produces more calories than protein and carbohydrate. However, the lower food craving is more effective to lose weight than the higher calories from the fat.

This is the way how you can reduce food craving. So you can eat less, resulting in no more fat stored in the body.

In short, the answers to the question "Why am I fat?" might be something most people have looked over for years. Anyway there's always the solution to weight loss.

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