Eat Coconut Oil For Healthy Cholesterol

February 14, 2017
Coconut Oil For Cholesterol
Studies have shown that although eating coconut oil increases your HDL (good cholesterol), it helps improve your whole cholesterol ratio. It’s the best oil you can have to protect yourself from heart disease. It’s even better than “heart healthy” oils such as canola, safflower, or soybean.

It’s important to pay more attention to your cholesterol ratio versus your cholesterol values. It is a fact that the ratio is a far more accurate way of indicating heart disease than that of the total cholesterol. The total cholesterol can be misleading and really is a poor indicator when putting these numbers together.

This is so because the total cholesterol doesn’t tell you how much of it is the good cholesterol (HDL) and how much of it is the bad cholesterol (LDL). A person can have a high total cholesterol, but if a large percentage of this is the HDL, then the risk for heart disease is low.

In any case, your cholesterol ratio should be lowered along with your risk of heart disease when coconut oil is added to your daily diet. In reading an article, ”How to lower high cholesterol naturally without prescription drugs”, I learned what Mike Adams does to maintain his healthy cholesterol ratio naturally.

“How to lower high cholesterol naturally without prescription drugs” written by Mike Adams, Editor of wrote what he does to maintain his healthy cholesterol ratio:

Regular physical exercise

The key is to do something physical every day and stick with it. We were meant to move and in order to stay healthy, we must get moving each and every day.

Eliminate processed foods

Try not to eat any manufactured foods such as junk food, breads, packaged cereals, frozen foods, fried foods, candy bars, cookies, pastas, cow’s milk, or red meat.

Red meat is a big no no because it raises the bad cholesterol (LDL). It’s also important to not eat any type of oil that has been hydrogenated, these are not good for you.

Eat foods with all natural ingredients

I typically buy all my food organic. A lot of the supermarket chains are adding more organic variety to their selections including cereals, pastas, milk, cookies, candy bars, and chicken. Also avoid chemical ingredients such as MSG, sodium nitrite, aspartame and other chemical sweeteners.

No soft drinks, soda, or fruit juices

This may be difficult for some but the best thing for the body is water.

Herbs, vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements

Some include spirulina, quinoa, soy products, green food powders, and chlorella

Plenty of fiber

Eat a lot of pecans, cashews, macadamia nuts, and other kinds.

Eat Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Daily

Even though many say that coconut oil is bad for you because it is a saturated fat, yet when eaten on a daily basis proves its consistency of having excellent cardiovascular health.

While it will not reduce your total cholesterol, it’s greatest effect is on the HDL. Most vegetable oils will increase this ratio and also increase your risk of heart disease.

Organic coconut oil does just the opposite. In fact, when these ratios are evaluated, it proves that coconut oil reduces the risk of heart disease.

Fact: Eating organic coconut oil does not lead to high cholesterol or coronary heart disease.

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