Coconut Oil Soap

February 09, 2017
Coconut Oil Soap
Get all the benefits of coconut oil while getting so fresh and so clean with coconut oil soap!
Coconut oil soap offers a different take on bath soap with its more sweet, savory scent as opposed to the typical fresh scents offered by most bath soaps.

Not only that, but it gives you smoother, more healthy skin because it contains 100% real coconut oil.

As you probably already know, most other soaps have a tendency to dry out your skin. Coconut oil soap isn’t like those other soaps.

I’m gonna be real here for a minute. Coconut oil soap is pretty much a mother f#%kin’ boss compared to these other cheap ass soaps.

It will get you just as clean as any other soap but makes you smell like coconuts and makes your skin nice of smooth instead of giving it that dry “tugging” feeling you get when you rub your hand across your skin.

It’s basically the difference between how your hair feels when you just shampoo it and when you shampoo and condition. I guess you could say it’s a conditioner for your skin!

“Surely this stuff is expensive,” you’re wondering. Well you’re in luck – the price factor actually isn’t too terrible.

It is a bit pricier than other soaps, but you can also look at it as if its a 2-in-1 skin lotion and soap, since it gives all the moisturizing benefits of lotion with the cleansing effects of soap.

Coconut oil soap, much like regular coconut oil, really is a wondrous thing!

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