First Signs of Diabetes

February 07, 2017
First Signs of Diabetes

Did You Have One of Them?

The ealry first signs of diabetes often go unreconized by many people.

This is because they don't realize that they have a warning signs of diabetes. They just don't know until a little health problem begins.

It's difficult to notice the first signs of diabetes. One reason is because some of them are identical to other non-diabetic symptoms.

So it's really hard to distinguish.

Are you wondering if you have diabetes?

I bet you are, otherwise you are not here on this page, aren't you?

Now you have a good opportunity to check yourself if you really have the warning signs of diabetes.

However, if you find yourself having more than one symptom, seek an advice from a diabetic physician as soon as possible.

Obviously, there are seven most common early signs of diabetes that you should be focusing on. Here they are:

7 Most Common Early Signs of Diabetes...

1. Frequent Urination and Thirst

Here is one of the very common symptoms of the first signs of diabetes.

Did you urinate more often than you did in the past?

Did you pee more than twice as often?

Do you find yourself thirsty, and need to drink water all the time?

"Yeah... but, how serious is it?" You ask.

Well, you feel thirsty like you've been stuck on the desert for weeks. You can't do anything to remove a tremendous need of water. This symptom goes hand in hand with another one, frequent urination.

And the cycle goes on and on.

Here's what causes...

You have excessive sugar in the blood. Chances are that the sugar spills over at the kidney, and draws more water from your blood into the kidney too. That's the reason why you feel like you need to urinate more often.

Of course, the more you urinate, the more water you drink.

2. Food Craving

Another common symptom of the first signs of diabetes is that you feel hungry more often despite eating the food.

With Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, they all cause high blood sugar. Why?

Because the glucose just can't get into the body cells where they will convert it into energy.

This is due to a lack of insulin, or not enough insulin to aid glucose enter to the cells.

As the result, your body has less energy to function properly. So you feel hungry more often as the body needs more energy to fulfill the system.

If you ignore it, your body will be in starvation mode where the body digests itself! We sometimes call it ' starvation in the midst of plenty'.

In starvation mode, your body starts to digest the muscle, and it will produce toxins (Ketones) that make the blood more acidic. We call it Ketoacidosis.

If untreated, ketoacidosis will become fatal, and it will cause many serious health problems like a heart attack and irreversible renal failure.

3. Fatigue and Feeling Tired

Due to the previous cause above, you will also feel so tired, and get fatigue all the time. You feel it like you are running 10 miles without stopping. Your body becomes very exhausted.

This is because your body needs more energy to feed the system. If it is unable to get energy from the diet, it will, otherwise, digest the muscles and the fats stored in the body in order to produce energy instead.

That's why you feel so tired, and fatigue very often.

4. Weight Loss For No Reason

Weight loss with no reason is one of the first signs of diabetes.

It is more possible for Type 1 Diabetic whose pancreas produces not enough insulin to aid glucose get into the body's cells in order to convert into energy.

Because the body receives low energy from diet intake, it will digest the muscle tissue and burn the existing body fats in order to convert them into energy instead.

As the result, you'll have an uncommon weight loss where you have a massive weight loss in just a few weeks for no reason.

5. Blurry Eyesight

Your eyesight suddenly goes bad, and sometimes you get dizzy.

If that's a case, you might want to check with your doctor, and see if this is one of the first signs of diabetes.

To ensure if it is the first sign of diabetes, you need to check if you also have other warning signs of diabetes.

If you have more than one, then you are more likely to have diabetes.

The excessive blood glucose produces a high amount of blood feeding to your eye's lens. Too much blood and water causes the eye's lens swell, and it results in blurry vision.

6. Vaginal Infection

Too much of blood sugar can interrupt white blood cells function, causing a lower immune system. So you are more likely to get a bacterial skin infection, stomach and vaginal infection.

In addition, you'll probably get an itching, burning vaginal skin as well as bad vaginal odor.

7. Slow Wound Healing

High blood sugar level may slow down blood flow, causing poor circulation.

This will limit the amount of oxygen and other nutrients that aid wound healing. So you'll have slow wound healing.

If left untreated, it will eventually promote diabetic foot ulcers.

Nerve damage is one of the first signs of diabetes. High blood sugar can cause numbness, particularly on your feet and your hand. You just cannot feel enough how it does on your skin.

Wrapping up

It is important for you to make a scheduled check up with your doctor. This is to keep your blood sugar to the normal as much as possible.

All in all, the above are the most common first signs of diabetes. However, some research indicates that 44 percent of a group of 15,000 diabetics did not have the above early signs in the previous year.

So it's not surprise if a third of them didn't realize that they have diabetes in the first year.
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