101 Ways To Use Coconut Oil

February 14, 2017
Ways To Use Coconut Oil
Let’s put all the benefits of organic coconut oil on this one page, that’s 101 ways to use organic coconut oil!! They’re not in any sort of order but this should be fun… Here we go:
  1. Apply To Cuts & Scrapes For Healing
  2. Moisturize Body From Head To Toe
  3. Cellulite Treatment
  4. Treat Acne Scars
  5. Treat Certain Skin Conditions (psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, eczema)
  6. Clean, Nourish, & Condition Hair 
  7. Control For Dry, Frizzy Hair
  8. Anti-Aging Benefits (wrinkles, premature aging, protect from free radicals, age spots)
  9. Unclog The Pores
  10. Treat Dandruff & Itchy Scalp
  11. Improve Digestion
  12. Easily Digested & Helps Body Absorb Nutrients
  13. Good For Weight Loss, Blood Sugar, & Metabolism
  14. Treat Digestive Disorders (colitis, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome)
  15. Boost Immunity & Energy
  16. Safe On Baby’s Skin, Hair, & Body
  17. Exfoliate The Skin – Homemade Body Scrub
  18. All Natural Deodorant
  19. Use As Shaving Cream Before & After
  20. For Detox & Oil Pulling Benefits
  21. Treat Athlete’s Foot, Ringworm, Fungal &/or Yeast infections
  22. Treatment For Cradle Cap
  23. Heal Diaper Rash
  24. Apply To Skin To Heal Burns & Bug Bites
  25. Condition Wooden Cutting Boards
  26. All Natural Lip Moisturizer
  27. Add To Pets Food & Drink For Overall Good Health
  28. Use In Place Of Other Cooking Oils For Healthier Meals
  29. Make-Up Remover & Facial Cleanser
  30. Apply To Help Sooth Chicken Pox, Shingles, etc.
  31. Improved Thyroid Function (consume 1 tsp with breakfast & with dinner)
  32. Improves Body’s Absorption Of Vitamins & Minerals
  33. Add To Smoothies For Added Nutrition
  34. Massage Around The Eyes For Crow’s Feet
  35. Massage Oil For Sore Muscles
  36. Use To Make Homemade Lotion
  37. Use To Make Homemade Toothpaste (mix with baking soda)
  38. Kills Or Slows The Growth Of Viruses (anti-viral)
  39. Treatment For Stretch Marks
  40. Heal Cracked Nipples Due To Breastfeeding
  41. Increase Milk Flow For Nursing Moms
  42. Use Alone As A Personal Lubricant For Both Men & Women
  43. Women Use In Personal Area To Help Relieve Dryness (due to menopause) Women Use In Personal Area To Treat Yeast Infection
  44. Moisturize Inside Of Nose To Prevent Nosebleeds & Sore Nostrils
  45. Natural Sunscreen
  46. Insect Repellent
  47. Sooth & Heal Hemorrhoids
  48. Migraine Headaches
  49. Remove Gum From Hair Or Bottom Of Shoe
  50. May Inhibit Or Prevent Development Of Carcinoma (anti-carcinogenic)
  51. Help Relieve Indigestion, Heartburn & Acid Reflux (by taking a spoonful)
  52. Use In Place Of Butter On Popcorn Or Toast
  53. Smooth Out Cracked hHeels & Elbows
  54. Strengthen Nails & Cuticles
  55. Use To Make Chocolate Goodies More Healthy
  56. Strengthen Your Eyelashes
  57. Clean Your Mascara Brush
  58. Prevent Hangnails By Massaging The Fingertips
  59. Heal Canker Sore
  60. Get Rid Of Bad Doggie Breath & Cat Hairballs Coconut Oil For Pets
  61. Sooth Pink Eye
  62. Clean Inside Your Pet’s Ears
  63. Use In Place Of Butter & Oil For Cooking & Baking Healthier
  64. Treat Ear Infection (put a few drops in ear at early onset)
  65. Sooth Sore Throats (let it trickle down your throat)
  66. Treats Thrush
  67. Remove Excess Wax From Your Skin
  68. Flea Treatment For Pets
  69. Digestion & Weight Control for Pets
  70. Doggie Dandruff
  71. Mole Remover (first apply apple cider vinegar for a few weeks, then apply the c.o.)
  72. Reduce Inflammation & Pain (anti-inflammatory)
  73. Treat Lice (applying to scalp)
  74. Tattoo Healing
  75. Help For Alzheimer’s Disease
  76. Add To Your Coffee &/Or Tea
  77. Inhibits Growth Of Parasites (anti-parasitic)
  78. Pregnant Mothers To Prevent Stretch Marks
  79. Fade Liver Spots
  80. Reduce Food Cravings Throughout The Day Coconut Oil For Weight Loss
  81. Treat Fatigue & Low Energy
  82. Helps You Stay Regular (bowel dysfunction)
  83. Improves Cholesterol Ratio Coconut Oil For Cholesterol
  84. Good For People With Diabetes (regulates blood sugar)
  85. Help Prevent & Treat The Flu
  86. Good For Genital Warts, Herpes, & Even People With HIV
  87. Help Dissolve Kidney Stones
  88. Menstrual Relief
  89. Good For Bone Health & People With Osteoporosis
  90. Sooth Tooth Ache & Dental Health Benefits With Oil Pulling
  91. Use to promote weight loss
  92. Treat Baldness (apply 3x daily)
  93. Swimmer’s Ear (few drops with garlic oil 2-3x per day)
  94. Apply To Sagging Skin
  95. Kills Or Slows The Growth Of Bacteria (anti-bacterial)
  96. Has Many Of The Same Benefits For Our Pets
  97. Fade Birth Marks (when applied after using apple cider vinegar)
  98. Enhance The Nutrients In Breast Milk When Consumed
  99. Enhance Your Workout Routine With Increased Energy
  100. Use As A Hot Oil Treatment For Healthy Hair
  101. Apply To Warts
I listed as many as I could and I’m sure there are some I may have forgotten. It’s important to know that we are all different and our bodies react differently.
Although a treatment above worked for some, it may not work for all. In my opinion, why not give it a try if it can only help and not hurt the situation.

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